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Focused solely on all aspects of Production Brewing since 2008

Headquartered in San Diego County, California, HRVST (pronounced ˈhärvəst) consults worldwide.  Our aspect of services apply for start-up or seasoned operational production facilities in: Owner’s Representation, Project Consulting, Financial Proforma Modeling, Design-Assist (for Architectural coordination), Construction-Assist (for General Contractors involved in Brewery installations), Process Equipment Sizing and Procurement, Fluid Transfer Process Pipe Design, Process Utility Design (e.g. steam + condensate, glycol, process water, process gas, etc.), Controls Automation Design, Beer Program and Recipe Formulation, and Operational Brewery Assistance.   

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Areas of Expertise

Start Up planning 

The best way to breathe life to a concept is by modeling the next "1 + 5" years of your concept on "paper".  This is done by authoring a financial proforma capturing Sales, COGS, Operational, Personnel, Marketing & Real Estate Expenses, CAPEX (Equipment), Pre-Construction & Construction Expenses into a robust spreadsheet to determine the start-up valuation, ROI, and breakeven analysis of your plan.  In short, it is a dry-run of your 1 year of start-up plus 5 years of business assumptions that clearly communicate your assumptions to you, your investors and your bank.

Project consulting

Beyond the proforma and funding starts the actual execution of the plan.  HRVST has extensive Owner's Representative experience to shepherd through the process.  This may include Real Estate feasibility and selection, lease negotiation, Construction design team selection and management, design assistance and coordination, construction team selection, process pipe design, specialty installation assistance, equipment selection and procurement, construction management, commissioning assistance, and brewery commissioning. 

process design & controls automation

HRVST has in-house brewery process and controls automation capabilities.  This includes systems such as centralized CIP systems, wort and beer transfer lines, utility and energy process pipe design (glycol and steam).  Custom equipment design for retrofit or unique processes is also within our capacity.

design assist

Beyond the site and building Electrical, Lighting, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Structural engineering disciples (which is usually managed by the project Architect) - exists specialty process systems unique to the integration of the beer process.  Interconnecting design details starting from raw materials to finished product, from flow logistics to expansion planning are aspects of facility design often neglected in the permit design process for breweries.  HRVST provides design input assistance to the project Architect and building design Engineers for proper design consideration of all process spacial and utility needs.

Beer program & recipe formulation

HRVST has the ability to program and design your beer program.  Custom beer programs can range from typical ale and lager fermentation to barrel aging, sour programs, brett programs, blending, etc.

operational brewery assistance

Whether you need a "pinch hitter" experienced production brewer to cover a gap or incorporate the latest best manufacturing practices to your current brewing operations, HRVST will provide hands-on assistance as needed to optimize your operation.  Areas of focus include updating practical Standard Operating Procedures, Clean Manufacturing practices, etc. 


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